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Gold Saffron

The bottom of the Saffron thread is the Gold Saffron. Like the upper section of the thread "Red Saffron", the lower section or "Gold Saffron" has its unique aroma and color. Gold Saffron enhances the Red Saffron's flavor and benefit when mixed together. Gold Saffron being more affordable, and having mild flavor, can be used in larger quantities for cooking and drinking. The results will surprise you!! 

Saffron Flower Parts.jpg
Bright red and orange color saffron in w

Gold Saffron - Bottom of red threads



Grind 1 gm of Saffron with 5-10 gm of Gold Saffron.

Add the powder to your tea or coffee, and feel the joy!

Grind 10 gm of Gold Saffron with 1 gm of Red Saffron, and use it for cooking. The taste will absolutely surprise you! 

Our mission is to help and heal. Special price offered for those who need Saffron for healing. 11 % of profit contributed to Physical Abused victims.
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